A family business, founded in 1988, with more than 30 years of experience, with the aim of advising on the process of acquisition, sale and / or rental of your home. The Cel Blau team is made up of real estate professionals, who work every day to obtain more and better properties, while at the same having a large portfolio of clients, which makes it easier for us to close operations in an agile way, supported by our extensive experience in negotiation. We know the market in which we operate in depth and our motivation is to offer a service in accordance with the needs of all our clients, whether they are the owners, buyers and / or tenants. We have a website, social networks and participation in multiple portals on a national and international scale, being a real estate agency of reference in the Costa Brava. 

Brief history

Our company began to take shape in 1988, when Finques Cel Blau opened its doors at carrer Especiers 16 in Sant Feliu de Guíxols. In 1996, Maria Calvo joined the company as a salesagent, a young, hard-working and  enthusiastic person who was involved in the business project from the very first minute. 2004 was a year of inflection and vital importance for Finques Cel Blau, as during this period Maria assumed the management and leadership of the business. 

During the first three years of this new project, the real estate world is experiencing its great boom, with good levels of sales but also with a great increase in competition. This fact, forces the company to differentiate itself and for that, it implements to the work system values that today are part of its DNA. The business is projected offering a personalized service, encouraging close contact with the customer and prioritizing their needs as a fundamental basis of the day to day of the office. This differentiation, together with a great effort on the part of the whole team, meant that when the economic crisis came and the real estate sector collapsed, Cel Blau managed to stay afloat and maintain its growth. 

In 2014 a new holiday rental department was opened, responding to the demand for apartments and holiday homes in the area. Summer after summer, our family grew bigger until 2016, this department was consolidated and moved to new offices in S'Agaró. 


Corporate project


Our work is born of one of the basic needs of human beings, the need for "home". Humans need a place to feel safe and able to rest. (Maslow 1943). One of the most important decisions that people make throughout their lives is related to housing, either through a buying or renting process.

Finques Cel Blau's main objective is to accompany the client throughout the decision-making process. Therefore, we dedicate all our efforts to investigate, detect and cover the needs of our clients in the real estate field, always applying our knowledge, experience in the sector and our human values.

Our goal is to close agreements that provide a satisfactory benefit for all parties, in each of the operations we manage. 


We want to be recognized in our area of influence as a leading agency in providing real estate services. To achieve this, our team pursues excellence in its daily activity, doing better every day what we already do well. The magnificent attention that our team provides to the client must be the most important element that characterizes us and differentiates us from the competition. 


  • Active listening

Our customers and their needs will be our priority, so listening to and understanding them will be one of the main tasks to perform. In every meeting with the client, we have to work actively to really understand what he wants and needs, only then will we get him to choose us as his trusted agency. 

  • Professionalism

We want our clients to feel that they are leaving one of the most important decisions in their lives to true professionals. To do this, we encourage the training of our workers and we have a wide range of experts to be able to solve the doubts that arise in the day to day.

  • Discretion

Each customer trusts Cel blau for different reasons. In our task of meeting your needs, it can be really important and crucial to know the personal circumstances that bring you there. However, we must treat all information received with great caution, safeguarding your privacy at all times. 

  • Honesty

From Finques Cel Blau we want to serve our customers thinking about how we would like them to treat us. We want them to feel comfortable and place their trust in us, to be aware that we put their interests and needs ahead of each worker’s own.